4th International Conference 2012


June 2012 – at the Britannia School of Business

The overall aim of this Conference is to bring together professionals and academics working in the area of or with an interest in Partnership for Business Development. Conference papers must aim at an audience looking to gain a better understanding of current issues on the working relationship between public and private sectors and also the voluntary i.e. not-for-profit organisations. Proposals for paper presentations, based on concluded or ongoing research, case studies, working-paper and/or review papers, and PhD/MPhil research progress (résumé), must focus on:

Internationalisation of Public and Private Associations - Banking, Accounting and Finance - Economies in Transition - Not-for-profit and voluntary groups - Co-operatives and Labour-Managed Activities - Service Quality/Consumer Responsiveness - Technology and Change - Role of Internationalisation in Public and Private Association - Competition and Marketing Techniques - Privatisation/Regulation/Deregulation - Contracting out/Compulsory Tendering - Service Sector (e.g. Tourism, Health, Education, Transport) - Regional Development: Economics and Institutions - Reforming the Public Sector - Strategic Alliances + Networking - Trading Blocks - International Agencies (e.g. IMF, World Bank) - International Defence and Defence Projects (e.g. NATO) - Ethics, Politics, and the Environment - Theory and Practice and their methodological issues - Private Finance Initiatives (PFIs) - Town Twinning/Sister Cities.

Conference Update March 2012:

The provisional timetable for the 14th International Conference is now available. Further information on the timetable for Paper Presentations will be available shortly.

(NB: Submission by 25 May 2012 - English and Portuguese are the Conference Language\\s) Academic paper up to 5,000 words; case-study up to 7,500 words;
PhDs/MPhil research résumé/commentary/review papers up to 1,500 words.
One presentation per delegate.

Paper Submission : May 2012
Speakers Registration: June 2012
Conference Attendees/Delegates: 31 May 2012

Students registered n these events will receive Certificates of Participation and Attendance. More details are given here.

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