BSB has published research and books for many years and this type of work has had a major success in the work output of academic and practitioners.


BSB has been a leading Business School in terms of research output, international conferences and congress, along with a strong background on output dissemination. Member of over 50 countries have taken part in previous events held in many well-known academic institutions.


IJPPP Subscription

To serve academics, executives, practitioners, researchers and policy makers in the national and international fields by providing the professional community with quality information to support each other in making a positive contribution to knowledge. A peer reviews Journal, with three issues per annual volume, unique in affording and understanding of the current issues facing those concerned with projects structured by public-private management and which are an ever-growing phenomenon in the world currently.

IJES Subscription

To contribute towards building better business by examining entrepreneurial practices leading to excellence and knowledge management learning to further development and growth. A peer reviewed Journal, with three issues per annual volume, unique in affording an understanding of the current issues facing organisations. An international Editorial Board guides the Journal in terms of its publication and output selection. An Advisory Board, having members with a high degree of expertise and professional experience, advises on the editorial coverage to ensure that the Journal maintains the most rigorous of academic standards by blind peer review of all articles offered for publication.

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