Doctoral Seminars

BSB’s Doctoral Seminars are designed for students and their supervisory team. Research guided programme members can join others in a small network environment and elaborate on what takes to progress well during the doctoral development stages.

Doctorate students are strongly encouraged to participate in these seminars to talk further about their particular research interest and hear from other students on the progress and challenges of their research proposals. At the present time, applications for scholarship, studentship or bursaries have been suspended.

These events were introduced to support those wanting to advance their academic ability and experience by contributing to knowledge building and transfer. Areas of interest are:

a) Theoretical analysis and framework along proposal in Critical Thinking development
b) Research methodology along with testing plans and presentation clarity
c) Scholarly discourse and presentation/debate of ideas and oratory skills

Students and their supervisor are encouraged to participate together in presenting joint papers.

Application conditions: a detailed research study and thesis proposal in English language knowledge.

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