Guidelines for Submission

Proposals for paper presentations, based on concluded or ongoing research, case studies, working-paper and/or review papers, and PhD/MPhil research progress (résumé), must focus on all aspects of socio-economic and political studies. Also important is the area of Private Finance Initiatives (PFIs) and Portfolio Partnerships.


12. The deadlines are: paper submission 30 October 2003; speakers registration 30 November 2003; registration for conference attendees and delegates 31 Dec 2003.
13. A full copy of each paper must be submitted in double-spaced typed format, limiting the work to 20 pages, A4 size paper, including title and author details, tables, figures, boxes, appendices, references and exhibits.
14. Each paper submission must include a single-spaced typed abstract in no more than 150 words. Please include: author's name, address and affiliation, in camera-ready format and on a separate sheet of A4 size. Margins for the whole document must be one-inch left, right, top and bottom of A4 size paper.
Standard abbreviations may be used.
15. The word limit is 5,000 for an academic paper; 7,500 for a case study; and 1,500 for a research in progress as résumé, commentary, or review article.
16. A hard copy of the work must be submitted together with a 3.5” disk version in Word format or RTF (Rich Text Format) or TEXT/ASCII.
17. All submissions will be refereed and authors and co-authors will be notified of the decision by early November 2003. Also, referees will recommend best articles for inclusion into later issues of the Intl. Journal of Public-Private Partnerships.
18. Papers to be published in the Conference Proceedings Book will be restricted to those with full conference registration and from authors/co-authors wishing to attend to present their work. Conference presentation is restricted to one only per delegate. There is no limit imposed on the number of co-authorships.
19. Should the text of your work contain extracts from other copyright works, authors and co-authors shall obtain from the owners of the respective copyright's written permission. These documents must be forwarded to the publishers on delivery of the material to reproduce such extracts in the work in all territories and editions and in all forms which are the subject of Textual Copyright Material Agreement.
20. The authors and their co-authors will assign all rights to the Conference organisers and/or publishers of works published, reserving the right to amend each work submitted, if necessary, for final publication and inclusion in any future publications.
21. The publishers are given the right to print, to market, to distribute, and to sell the conference proceedings or other compilations related to the authors and their co-authors work(s) that is(are) submitted to this event.
22. The Conference organisers reserve the right to amend the published programme and venue, if due to unforeseen circumstances, without prior notification.

Terms and Conditions

This booking form constitutes a legally binding agreement. For author and co-authors this is also the copyright waiver form. Speakers cancellation confirmed and acknowledged in writing will be refunded only up to 1/December/2003. Regrettably, after that date and for whatever reason, speakers refund and/or participation or publication withdrawn will not be accepted.

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