CMI level 7

The Chartered Management Institute - CMI

BSB has held accreditation status from the CMI since 2008 in order to provide their qualification in terms of the following programmes:

  • Diploma in Management
  • Executive Diploma in Management
  • Executive Diploma in Strategic Management

Chartered Management Institute:

Masters’ Programme

For the Masters programme the areas of study are as follows:

  • negotiating, analysis discussion and research
  • finance, international marketing
  • strategy in action, IT and logistics
  • leadership and change
  • global business, people and organisations
  • project or dissertation in an area of business

This programme will contribute the understanding of management, leadership, change and growth, and sustainable business/organisational development. The overall programme is geared to assist middle and senior managers, entrepreneurs, leaders in the public as well as private areas. It is an overall stimulating career and professional development.

The aim is to provide skills in the main modules areas for the modern managers, which will certainly improve the ability to lead and to motivate others. The overall course will assist students to improve their analytical and problem solving skills, along with better negotiating skills and strategic implementation of choices to create and control for changes towards a sustainable business enterprise management success. Almost all course-work and assignments, as well as the project/dissertation work are focused on the role of organisations in the market economy. Students are free to apply this knowledge to their own experience of previous work environment or to choose new ones.

MBA diploma graduation has an international recognition for its value to the application of managerial skills as a qualification. It develops students’ ability to make a significant contribution to the management, leadership and development of organisational needs.

Entry requirements

  • a good honours degree or equivalent from a recognised academic institution
  • several years of work experience, at least two in a managerial/supervisory role (several years of professional experience is also an added advantage)
  • overseas students having other than English language as the first language or the academic language will need IELTS score of 6.5, or other equivalent evidence
  • suitable references from academic tutors as well as employers.


Full-time – one year, point of entry: January, May, and September each year.

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