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About BSB courses

The Britannia School of Business (BRITUNI)TM is fully recognised by the Chartered Management Institute – CMI and the management programmes are taught under the CMI’s approval. These management qualifications have a national and an international recognition as excellent in training and skills. Students will learn in an environment where knowledge and skills application are essential parts of the content. Students will be given an excellent academic experience delivered by highly qualified and experienced staff. Holders of complementary education may apply to receive recognition/exemption of previous studies/modules completed in the past. There will be a chance also of integrating with students from around the world share their ideas and business experience.

The teaching programmes at BSB are designed to prepare student within a short period of academic training. For the postgraduate programmes, the period of study will be less than 15 months; for straight CMI courses less than 12 months and a minimum of 6 months, whilst pre-masters programme can vary from 3 to 9 months. Previous years of experience will be in favour of students wanting to take the challenges of senior management in an international environment further within their careers. The other incentive in here is the possibility of a more fulfilling and better-paid managerial employment. Modules delivered by BSB’s programmes explore and debate important issues in contemporary professional management. Study is guided by a committed team of tutors who have both professional experience and expert knowledge.

Please, to apply just send and application form by electronic mail. For further enquires, please, refer to email address or text message.

Teaching and learning methods

  • Formal lectures at the BSB-Sheffield city campus
  • Guest lectures – business leaders and practitioners
  • Student-led seminars and group work; workshops; role-plays
  • Case study direct and indirect learning and groups & self-development of teaching material
  • Self-directed learning along a student focused learning process


Assessment reflects the nature of the topic under consideration and is undertaken through a variety of methods including: 

  • studying and evaluating projects/reports
  • course assignments
  • in-class tests
  • individual essays
  • work related tasks and personal development

A few reasons to choose BSB for your future:

  • BSB places students first
  • Our students’ learning is our objective
  • Our courses are flexible and friendly
  • Our teaching modules are designed for the future of our student’s career
  • Some of our assessment methods are totally customised for you
  • Our lecturing team will give students their maximum support
  • Seminar and tutorial groups are small to help with students’ learning
  • Your educational career is secured with us
  • Our loyalty is to encourage your learning ability and success
  • We will always protect the interest of our students
  • BSB is a listening academic institution
  • All British education is good but ours is the best
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