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A few reasons to choose BSB for your future:

  • BSB places students first
  • Our students’ learning is our objective
  • Our courses are flexible and friendly
  • Our teaching modules are designed for the future of our student’s career
  • Some of our assessment methods are totally customised for you
  • Our lecturing team will give students their maximum support
  • Seminar and tutorial groups are small to help our students
  • Your educational career is secured with us
  • Our loyalty is to encourage your learning ability and success
  • We will always protect the interest of our students
  • BSB is a listening academic institution
  • All British educational courses are good but ours is the best

Academic Programme: Programme Study & Qualification (one year programme)

MBA Qualification: Four core modules, four elective modules, and project/dissertation

Graduate Diploma: Four core modules and four elective modules

Graduate Certificate: Three core modules and three elective modules

Foundation Accreditation: One core module and/or one elective, plus Professional English for Business

Professional English for Business: Advanced English for Business Qualification

Entry is based on working experience, managerial expertise, and possibly previous academic education, Exemption/equivalence of one core and one elective can be granted by the academic board. This is  subject to substantive evidence.

The Professional Business for English (PEB) accreditation is required from those candidates needing English Language command to perform at Master level. PEB test is also available.

Fees are to be paid in full with course registration for the academic year 2012-13. Full fee payment will cover tuition and access to e-library from CMI, and special events organised for and behalf of the programme.

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