The Britannia Academy for Management and Enterprise (BAME)

The Institute of Public-Private Partnership Studies (IPPPS)

BSB has organised two centres for professional development to support the work of students, researchers, academics, practitioners, and policy-makers. The academy and the institute act as the providers of opportunities for those wanting the undertake research and further training in order to specialise in professional academic areas or consultancy. These societies offer also the opportunity for some other cultural or intellectual area of development which is directly linked to business enterprise management. They exist also for the purpose to recognising the intellectual efforts and achievements of some and the professional skills demonstrated in practical activities by others.

All those graduating with BSB or CMI will automatically be accepted into membership. The levels of membership are:

  • junior (students and apprentices)
  • senior (certificate holders or bachelor diploma)
  • master (postgrad or master qualified)
  • fellow (DBAs, PhDs, or post master qualification)
  • knight (executives and deans)

For further details on membership and subscription fees, please make a full application by submitting a personal application form.

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