The Britannia School of Business was set up in June 2006 with the aim of providing the best training in business enterprise management. BSB promotes good educational and vocational training. BSB places a strong emphasis on the quality assurance and enhancement of the courses it provides. As a result, the School will award Certificates of Achievement, Progress and/or Participation, and Attendance at each stage during the above courses.

During the period of study, students are encouraged to participate in and be involved with the social and professional activities of the Union of Britannia Academics (UBA). Upon approved registration in any of the BSB’s academic courses, students will gain the scholarly status as follows:

  • Junior, for the first-term study period;
  • Senior, for the subsequent period, and as
  • Head, for the completion/final course stage.

After the period of study, those students who have graduated with BSB will be recommended to become a member of the Britannia Alumni Fellow Alliance (BAFA).

The Britannia School of Business is a fully accredited centre to provide courses under the Chartered Management Institute in the United Kingdom and abroad. At postgraduate level, students will have registration with the CMI and will participate in all activities carried out by the CMI-UK.

At the present time, applications for scholarship, studentship or bursaries have been suspended. Further details can be obtained by contacting BSB-Programme Admissions directly.

BSB and A+ English School are providing educational training in partnership. A+ English School has an accreditation status awarded by the British Council. The School has enjoyed an excellent teaching record as it has a very well qualified teaching staff. That institution now delivers all the English tuition for and on behalf of BSB’s programmes. Both academic training providers are housed in an excellent building nearby the city centre in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England.

BSB is also working closely with the Institute of Public-Private Partnership Studies and the Enterprise Partnership Management Academy. BSB promotes the annual conferences events of those institutions as well as academic journals sponsored by them.

BSB’s teaching programmes start each year in: January, May, and September, i.e. quadrimester terms. Most of the BSB's study programmes are for a 12-to-15 months; however, there are also fast-track options for advance students with outstanding learning ability. CMI registration is available to those students holding a valid registration with BSB. Application forms and further course details are provided on request or via the website.

BSB has pre-sessional study periods also which are designed for students needing to improve their academic study skills as well as their English language knowledge prior to enrolling on one of the higher programmes. For those wanting to spend some time as part of their study visit to Britain or attend the Summer School programmes, they must contact BSB directly.

BSB and A+ English School have together several other programmes delivered in partnership. The website of these institutions has further details on vocational, undergraduate and post-graduate levels.

For more information on courses and partnership links, and course registration, please, send your request by post, text, or email.

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