The Britannia School of Business (BSB-BRITUNI)TM is a Professional Training Provider Institution. It is building on academic experience to develop the skills for tomorrow’s organisational managers.

Britannia School of Business

The BSB’s teaching programme will help you to learn business skills in an extraordinary way!

The current International Graduate Programme of BSB-BRITUNI has been revised for re-accreditation as the institution seeks to join well established academic programmes provided by UK’s universities. This will include mostly postgraduate education along with English language provision.

BSB teaching campus at Broomhill has partnership with the A+ School of Language from where these institutions delivery their core training programme. The BSB-BRITUNI campus just in the outskirts of Sheffield City Centre offers a fantastic opportunity for learning, skill development, networking, and business training. Our academic team is drawn from an internationally established background. Students will gain a memorable experience along with a strong and well recognised academic qualification.

Join soon, if you are looking for a new and challenging professional career prospect.

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